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windowmural.jpg (48416 bytes)

This mural is about 50" by 50".


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Stencils used are:


402 Grapes and Peonies
401 Peaches and Peonies

407 Checked Valance
408 Open Window

404 Willow Boughs

410 Oak Boughs
204 Sleeping Cat
403 Sweet Flower Vine


202 Birds in Flight

urncabinetfloral.jpg (25817 bytes)

Here I've used the

534 Cabinet
602 Spanish Urn
, and
603 Floral.


Sorry, 534 cabinet is now discontinued


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Here we've used the 713 Window,
714 Planter Box, 716 Pansies,
717 Petunias,
719 Sunflower Mix

The lace curtains were stenciled using the 617 and 618 Fabric Drop and Swag.

I simply stenciled through a real piece of lace to get the effect. Try stenciling through various textures (screen, fabric, chicken wire?) for different results.

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cabinet.jpg (26738 bytes)

Another option with the 534 Cabinet.


531 Mandolin
532 Picks
533 Metronome


Sorry, cabinet is now discontinued

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