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Another way to use stencils…

I really enjoy hand painting as well as stenciling, and wanted to get a watercolor type look for this tropical bathroom. I used the stencils to transfer the designs onto the glazed walls with a watercolor pencil. This saved me hours of time that would have been required for drawing them from scratch. Then, I hand-painted the images using soft filbert paintbrushes and Golden Fluid Acrylics mixed with their airbrush medium. The airbrush medium provides translucency and allows just enough open time to “scribble and scratch” and spread the paint a section at a time, using a stiffer bristle brush. You can also pull off paint for highlights, which is easily seen in the smaller tendrils. You can get a lot of shape out of one color with this, but if you plan to go over it to put in additional colors, let dry an hour or more in between.
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Stencils used:

313 Toucan, 312 Tango Vine, and 614 Trumpet Flowers

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