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Say What?: It Goes Beyond Words

Scaled to fit your project needs, these self-adhesive stencils can add decorative elements to almost anything you can think of! Here, we've used them on tumbled marbled tiles (available at home improvement stores) that can be installed as a border or for spot motifs in your own kitchen or bath, or adapted as coasters for a great, personalized gift. Here's how:

Use a damp cloth to remove any dust from the tile. Apply the adhesive vinyl mask to the tile and burnish down. Don't worry about the holes-that's part of the beauty! Stencil with Proceed Slow-Dry Acrylics Raw Umber. For a sheer look use paint sparingly and swirl the brush. Allow to dry and apply a commercial tile sealer (or for coasters use Golden Satin Varnish) with a brush over the entire tile surface. If you are stenciling multiple tiles, apply the stencils and then do all the painting at once, so you will have the same "hand" and better continuity between the tiles. If you are making coasters, put self-adhesive felt or rubber feet on the bottom. For a heavier application, stipple using a heavier loaded brush. Once you pull off the vinyl, you can blot with a wad of cheesecloth to gently remove excess paint. Or let it dry for a day, then sand for a washed out or distressed look.

I love working on unusual surfaces, and especially natural ones like stone where the natural beauty works in harmony with the decoration. Porous stone such as tumbled marble and limestone are great surfaces for painting, but harder stones will repel the paint, so be sure and check, and always test your entire process. See our gallery pages here for another example; a limestone backsplash stenciled with our fruit basket

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