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Say What?: It Goes Beyond Words

Proceed Slow Dry Acrylics are fantastic for stenciling! You don't have to be overly concerned with blotchy application because you can just stipple it out! For this project, I wanted to test the design and colors with several different background finishes. The design was stenciled onto clear acetate to save time and help in my selection (left). Of course, you can also hold this up on a wall to visualize how your project will look when finished!
We can customize our designs to fit your needs like we did here with our Italian Scroll, and we have access to thousands more decorative designs! Click here

Painting  your sample on clear acetate (available at most art supply shops) allows you test out you color schemes, and show them to you client, on a number of surfaces Before

Finished Project

In the studio: Sheri just finished this large Aspen Grove painting on canvas with Proceed Slow Dry Acrylics. The built-in open time gives them blendability and time to move, which was wonderful for this spontaneous, impressionistic style!

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