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Floor cloth project 

This floor cloth is both beautiful and durable- we use the finished project daily in our kitchen and are constantly walking on it. It's also water resistant- just clean with 409 or other non-abrasive cleaner when needed. Most of the materials are available at your local hardware and/or paint store. The stencils and items that are linked are available through us.
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Materials needed:

-Vinyl flooring remnant
-Sharp cutting knife or scissors
-1" low tack painters tape
-¾" repositionable Scotch tape
-Xacto knife
-Compact foam roller (Quali-tech or Cat's Paw)
-Stencil brushes

-Americana Artist Acrylics. Except where noted, color suggestions are included with the stencils. You can order particular colors using our quick order.
-Glazing medium
-Polyurethane matte varnish


I used commercial grade vinyl-backed vinyl flooring for this. Make sure to get vinyl backed; some are paper backed, and will not work as well. You are going to be painting on the backing, not the walking surface. Our local flooring dealer had a remnant I was able to purchase reasonably. The finished size is 24" x 36"

Base coat the back side with one coat of latex primer and two coats of latex eggshell paint. I used an off white color.

Step 1: Spread glaze onto the floor cloth with a paint brush using a random pattern of X's. Soften with cheesecloth and repeat after drying if desired. I purposely left the glaze looking somewhat "brushy".

Step 2: TMape off 1" along all four sides. Measure and mark at 2" toward the center from tape, and again at 4" from the tape. You may use a water soluble fabric marker for this. Be sure you lines are straight. This shows you where the two row of checks will land when complete. Place the 106 Granite Bay Fruit Corner, so that the outer leaves will overlap the inside row of checks approximately ½ to ¾". Stencil using the traditional dry brush method. Stippling or swirling will work equally well.

Step 3: Place the 516 Blackberry stencil so that it drapes from the opposite corner. Some of the leaves should also overlap the area where the checks will be. Stencil as described above.

Step 4: Align the checks with the other border of tape and stencil with Plum (da175) using a compact foam roller. Cover any leaves that overlap the square with repositionable clear Scotch tape and cut the tape around the contour of the leaf with an Xacto knife. Remove the excess tape, leaving the leaf covered with tape to shield it from the paint. Don't worry if the coverage is not totally even; this will add to the charm. Stencil the second row of checks when the first is dry.

Step 5: Align repositionable tape tape with the inside edge of the 2nd row of checks. Border both edges of that tape with the 1" tape as shown. Cut the clear tape when the border is interrupted by leaves as described above. Stencil with Yellow Ochre (da8) then with French Mocha (da188) over. Remove tape, and repeat this step for the outside border, using Reindeer Moss Green (da187) and Avocado (da52). Be sure that you cover the edge of the floor cloth with the green. 

Step 6: Seal with 2-3 coats of polyurethane matte varnish, and allow to cure for 2-3 weeks before putting it to heavy use. The vinyl may have a curl from being rolled up. To fix, roll in opposite direction of curl and heat gently (putting it out in the sun for an hour or so works well, or use a warm oven or blow dryer) and then lay flat while it's still warm.

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