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Ceramic Canister Set
This set of ceramic canisters are easy to make and useful in the kitchen. I purchased plain white ceramic canisters from my local Target store; most large discount stores will carry something similar.  The stencils and items that are linked are available through us.
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You can click on the picture below  and at right for an enlarged view, or to print. Allow a minute to download 
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Materials needed:

-White ceramic canisters
-1" low tack painters tape
-Stencil brushes

-Americana artist acrylics. Except where noted, color suggestions are included with the stencils. You can order particular colors using our quick order.
-Jo Sonja's All Purpose Sealer, or equivilent, available at most major crafts stores.

For this project I choose three wildflower stencils, the 516 Sierra Shooting Stars, 508 Fairie Lanterns, and 510 Spring Vetch. 


Before painting be sure to wash the canisters thoroughly and then clean the outside using rubbing alcohol. Let dry thoroughly. It is extremely important when painting a shiny surface to have it perfectly clean and free of fingerprints, dirt, and grease

Step 1: Tape the first overlay to the canister and stencil with Jo Sonja's All Purpose Sealer. This primes the slick surface. Use a stippling motion as described in our instructions. Let the sealer dry to touch (5 to 10 minutes),  but don't let it over dry, as the stencil may adhere to the sealer. 

Step 2: Stencil as normal per the instructions with the stencil.  Repeat for each overlay.

Step 3: Allow to cure for 2-3 weeks before washing with mild soapy water. This treatment is for decorative purposes only; we do not recommend for surfaces touching food.

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